Class Beech

Autumn Term 2022

If you would like to contact Mrs Harding directly, please use the class email address.

Wishing you a warm welcome to the new academic year! I hope that you have all had a good summer and that your children are excited to return to school and Beech Class. I hope that this letter provides the main bits of information that you feel you need to know for Beech Class. But if there is anything else you would like to know, or if you ever have any queries or concerns, please feel free to speak to me at the end of the day or alternatively ring the school office to get in touch.


This term our main topic is focused on historic settlements in Britain, more specifically – evidence of Anglo Saxons in our locality. We will explore this topic through visits, artefact boxes and link it to literature in English. Other areas of the curriculum will include looking at ‘Living Things’ in Science and ‘Creation’ within Religious Education. More details on our curriculum can be found on our school website.


As you are already aware, Beech Class will go swimming every Monday (unless notified otherwise) so they will need to bring their swim kit in to school on this day. Thank you all for swiftly returning the necessary paper work for this. We will also have PE on Friday in order to cover other areas of the curriculum. Therefore, please ensure that your child comes dressed in PE kit every Friday. This should include their house colour t-shirt, shorts, joggers, jumper and trainers. Can I please stress that jumpers and joggers should be black, dark blue or green in order to coincide with school uniform policy. Children cannot take part in PE whilst wearing earrings, so please ensure that your child can remove their own, or don’t wear them on a Monday or Friday!

We will go to Forest School every other week on a Tuesday, so I will send out a text the night before so that forest school kits can be brought in the next day.

Reading Books: It would be brilliant if you could support your child’s reading at home. I am going to challenge the class to ‘Strive for five’ and read a little bit of their reading book each day! If you could help to officiate this and sign their reading record regularly, that would be great. I also ask that reading books come into school daily, so that the children can read them at intervals during the school day.

I strongly recommend that your child brings in a water bottle each day. They can keep this at their desk and take sips whenever needed. But please ensure that it is water inside! Juice drinks can be kept for packed lunches if your child brings their own food.

I hope that the children in Beech Class have a fantastic Autumn Term!

Many thanks,

Mrs Harding, Mrs Illingworth and Mrs Boak