Our School Council

The pupils believe it is important to have a School Council so that all the children in the school know there is someone to go to who will represent their ideas and lead to positive changes in our school.

The School Council Meet once and month to discuss how they can improve our school

School Councillors for 2019/20 are:

James and Elise-Marie – Class Holly

Isla and Michael – Class Elm

Demi and Charlie – Class Willow

Chloe and Dylan – Class Beech

Eve, Evan, Kallan and Elizabeth – Class Oak

Some of the reasons children wanted to be a School Councillor this year are:

“I wanted to make a difference”
“I wanted school to be a better place for the children”
“I wanted to improve the play facilities”
“I enjoy the responsibility and I think our ideas are listened to.”
“ I wanted to be a voice for the people in my class.”
How we have impacted our school. 
  • Raised money for local charities
  • Improved our school play times
  • Successfully launched and completed a campaign to improve the condition of the school toilets 
  • Launched an Eco Bricks initiative in school