Wider Curriculum

Many other areas of learning contribute to the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural development of our pupils at Overton St Helen’s. 

PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) is an extremely important element of our curriculum that supports the personal wellbeing and development of each child.  The curriculum map below sets out the themes we cover with our pupils.  Woven into our PSHE curriculum is our approach to Relationships Education.  This is another important element of our curriculum that supports and prepares our pupils to become positive citizens in our ever changing, diverse and multi-cultural society.  Follow the link below to read our RSE Policy.

PSHE Curriculum                                                RSE Policy 

We use the widely recognised Kidsafe programme to consolidate themes covered in our PSHE/RSE curriculum.  This also enables us to be proactive in teaching our pupils about how to keep safe, tackling themes ranging from online safety to personal safeguarding.


An extremely important aspect of our curriculum at Overton St Helen’s is our Forest School.  We are fortunate to have a unique forest environment within our school grounds and we use this regularly with all our classes to learn outdoors.  Children thrive in the outdoor environment, climbing trees, making dens, observing and studying nature, working collaboratively and having lots of fun. 

Forest School Policy

Referenced in many of our subject policies is the Morecambe Bay Curriculum.  In partnership with Eden Learning and Lancaster University, the Morecambe Bay Curriculum has been developed as a unique approach to incorporate sustainable and environmental themes into learning.  It is an iterative programme of learning, still in it’s early stages, where fundamental principles of place-based, experiential and enquiry based learning aim to provide pupils with an emotional relationship to the place they live in order to become its future guardians, making changes for a sustainable future. 

Morecambe Bay Curriculum Statement