Class Elm

Autumn Term 2020

If you would like to contact Mrs Ingham directly, please use the class email address.

I am so pleased to have been able to welcome everyone into Elm Class and for us to begin our Year 2 journey together as a whole class. It has been lovely getting to know your children and finding out all about them. They have all settled really well into the class and we are all working hard on making sure Elm class is an amazing team! We would usually have had a ‘meet the teacher’ meeting in September but, because of Covid-19, that hasn’t been possible this time. If you do have any questions, that I haven’t answered with this letter, then please email me and I will get back to you:

Book bags and Home Reading books

Please ensure book bags are brought into school every day. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday morning when comments have been written in the home-school diary. To make the children more responsible for their own learning we are asking the children to put their reading book and diary into the ‘changing box’. As the length and complexity of books increases, it may be that your child takes longer than a week to complete the book. It is still essential that, as your child’s fluency and stamina increase, you continue to discuss with your child what is happening in the story, predict what will happen next, check understanding of new vocabulary and ask questions about the text. If your child is also reading their own books at home then please also record these in the home-school diary so we can praise them for additional reading at home. We ask that book bags are in school every day so we have the opportunity to hear your child read their book and check they are on the appropriate level.  

How to support your child at home: 

Common exception words

Attached to this letter is a copy of the Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words. Your child needs to be able to write the Year 1 words independently and over this year we will learn the Year 2 words. Once the words have been taught, the children will be expected to spell these words correctly in their writing. It is a great idea to put the words somewhere prominent in the house so you can keep practising how to spell these words, with your child. 


Phonics is still a very important part of the process in supporting your child to read and write and, due to the children’s time away from school, it means they haven’t covered as much of the phonics curriculum as they need to. This will form a larger part of our curriculum this year to ensure they are secure with all the graphemes they need to know before leaving year 2. You may be aware from the media that Year 2 children will complete the phonics assessment in the autumn term. This is in place of the assessment that was missed in the summer term.  Attached to this letter is an overview of all the graphemes they need to be secure with by the time they leave year 2.

Times tables

Times tables – we will move onto learning our 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. Please support your child by continuing to practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s both counting on and counting back. 


Homework – As mentioned on the School Newsletter this week, we are in the process of changing how we communicate homework to you. For now; please make sure you hear your child read as much as possible, read books to your child and keep practising those spelling, phonics and number patterns (counting in 2s, 5s, 10s).  

Our class novel

As many of you know; I love books! Each term we have a number of books which we will continue to read. We will also have a class novel which we will listen to whenever we get the chance. This helps the children to hear how stories should be read and broadens the range of books they are exposed to with more challenging vocabulary. We have been enjoying reading Oi Frog, Oi Dog, Oi Cat and Oi Duck-billed Platypus by Kes Gray. Next, we plan to read Claude in the City by Alex T. Smith. 


Our PE day is a TUESDAY and this term we have a number of sessions which are being led by Tim Fletcher, as part of the School’s Sports Partnership. We are working on multi-skills which feed into all sports. PE Kits are to be worn to school on our PE day with children bringing pumps in their school bag, if necessary.   

Forest schools and outdoor learning

In Elm Class we hope to spend a lot of time outside! Our focus on animal habitats means that we will be able to get outside and explore habitats and micro-habitats in our outdoor area. 

Our Forest School session doesn’t have a set day yet. However, I will let you know once this is decided. A text will be sent out the day before a Forest School session as it is essential all children have a kit to wear- all children will join in each session as it isn’t possible to accommodate them within another ‘bubble’ or lend them clothing from school because of Covid-19. For Forest Schools session your child will need wellies, waterproof trousers and a waterproof jacket. Forest School kit unfortunately can’t be stored at school and needs to be brought in for each session. 

Water bottles

Please remember to send your child to school with a named water bottle each day. 

Thank you for your continued support – By working together we can ensure the best outcomes for your child. 

Mrs Ingham and Mrs Wigginton

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum matrix for each class can be found on the school website and we are in the process of updating these to ensure they reflect any changes we have made to the curriculum. Our first topic title is, ‘Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s…!’ We will be learning about animal habitats, life cycles, food chains and a wide range of animals. Below is an overview of the key learning intentions for each area of the curriculum for the Autumn term. 

  • To retell a story
  • Phase 5 phonics – for reading and spelling
  • No nonsense Spellings  – Homophones; polysyllabic words; common exception words 
  • Number: Place Value
  • Counting objects to 100 and reading and writing numbers in numerals and words
  • Understanding and using tens and ones
  • Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Counting in 3s
  • Addition and subtraction including recall of number bonds to 10
  • Living things and their habitats (including life cycles)
  • The Bible: Why is it such a special book? Do people of other faiths have holy books?
  • Map and globe skills
  • Small area of the UK – Where I live and play (Field Study)
History Events Beyond Living Memory (KS1 topic)

  • Why do we celebrate Bonfire night?
  • How and why do we celebrate Remembrance day?
  • What happened to London during the fire of 1666?
  • Painting – study of Seurat and pointillism 
  • Zootime (Charanga)
Computing and online safety
  • Logging on and off
  • Usernames and passwords – keeping safe online
  • Multi-skills
  • Our feelings 
  • How can we help?
  • What is bullying?