Class Elm

Spring Term 2019

Happy New Year to all our Elm families. We hope 2019 is a great year for you all!

Our topic focus for the term is called ‘Back to the Future.’ We will be learning about explorers from the past, materials, collage and making mechanisms. Below is an overview of the key learning intentions for each area of the curriculum for this term.

English –      Story writing based on stories by Simon Bartram (Initially Man on the Moon; A Right Royal Disaster)

–      Non-chronological reports  – Famous explorers

–      No nonsense Spellings  – contractions (can’t, didn’t, hasn’t), endings (ing, ed, er, est, y), possessive apostrophes, suffixes (ful, less, ly)

Maths –      Multiplication and division

–      Properties of shapes

–      Fractions

–      Times tables – 2s, 5s, 10s then 3s

–      Counting in 3s

Science –      Materials

–      Review of life cycles and food chains

–      Science week – Journeys 4th Feb-8th Feb including a Whole School Space Party.

RE –      Whole school project on The Big Frieze – Understanding Christianity- the chronology
Geography –      A small area in a contrasting locality (Non-European country) – Zambia (second half term)
History –      Lives of Significant individuals – Comparing different periods

(Neil Armstrong and Christopher Columbus)



–      Collage

–      Mechanisms

Music –      Xylophones
Computing and online safety –      Photography

–      Internet Safety Day (29th January)

PE –      Gymnastics

–      Ball skills

PSHE –      Co-operation: Solving simple disputes; feelings

Book bags and Home Reading books

Please ensure book bags are brought into school every day. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and Friday morning when comments have been written in the home-school diary. To make the children more responsible for their own learning we are asking the children to put their reading book and diary into the ‘changing box’. As the length and complexity of books increases, it may be that your child takes longer than a week to complete the book. It is still essential that, as your child’s fluency and stamina increase, you continue to discuss with your child what is happening in the story, predict what will happen next, check understanding of new vocabulary and ask questions about the text. Also, in Year 2 it is common for children to start reading their own chapter books. Please record other books your child is reading in the home-school diary so we can talk about those books too and if possible allow them to carry these books in their school bags. We are also fortunate to have a number of volunteers coming into school to hear readers and they can hear your child read their school reading book or the book they have personally selected.

Common exception words; times tables and Homework

Please continue to look at the Common exception words for Year 1 and Year 2 which were sent out in September. Some weeks we specifically learn new words but on the weeks when this isn’t a focus then perhaps you could have a ‘word of the week’ which you know your child needs to learn to spell.  

Times tables – we are really focusing on rote recall – One 2 is 2, two 2s are 4, three 2s are 6…

Homework – Homework suggestion sheets and homework books will be sent home to give you ideas of how you can extend your child’s learning at home.

Our class novel

Hopefully you have all loved getting to know Claude over the last few months! I am so pleased the children have enjoyed his stories and are keen to keep borrowing the books. We will continue to read more class novels this term. We may return to some of our old favourites but we will also move on to read novels by Simon Bartram, Harry Horse, Dick King Smith, David Almond and Jill Tomlinson. We read Santa Claude by Alex T. Smith this week and are moving on to A Right Royal Disaster by Simon Bartram next week.

PE Kits

PE Kits are to be kept in school on your child’s peg. Our PE sessions are now on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure earrings are removed ready for our PE sessions and all long hair is tied back. Initially we are starting with gymnastics and will then move on to ball skills.

Forest schools and outdoor learning

Our Forest School sessions will be on a Monday (alternate weeks with PE – weather permitting). For Forest School sessions your child needs wellies, waterproof trousers, a warm waterproof jacket, gloves and a woolly hat. Unfortunately, due to limited space in the cloakroom, Forest School kit can’t be stored at school and needs to be brought in for our sessions.

Water bottles

Please remember to provide your child with a named water bottle. This can be left in school and the children are able to refill it with fresh water.

Thank you for your continued support – By working together we can ensure the best outcomes for your child.

Mrs Ingham, Mrs Coultas and Mrs Wigginton