Values and Ethos

It is the agreed mission of the staff and governors of this school:-

To reflect the vision of the founders of the school that education should be provided for all children which prepares them to meet the challenge of their future with the hope, confidence and love of humanity that are fundamental to our Christian religion;

Firmly to endeavour to link the teaching of Christ’s gospel with the life and work of the school so that the spiritual aspect of man’s nature is evident and identifiable in every facet of the curriculum;

To sustain the feeling of unity of purpose and one-ness that unites and motivates the school in its endeavours, relationships and aspirations;

To maintain, value and respect the history and traditions of the school and the parish church, to be a valued part of the local community, to share its concerns and to be an open door to those who seek help, support and resources;

To establish and sustain a partnership between parents and the school, based on mutual trust and respect and a shared desire to promote the education and well-being of all children;

To establish the school as a place where educational provision is of the highest possible quality, where expectations of pupils’ achievements are high and where excellence is linked to all aspects of the life and work of the school;

To create and sustain the school as a community of faith where all staff and governors lead by example in their daily lives, show sensitivity and respect to those of other faiths and cultures and aim to help children towards a greater understanding;

To establish and maintain a purposeful, happy school in a pleasant, well-ordered environment where the building and surroundings are respected and valued, where laughter is heard and where pupils themselves help to shape an agenda for learning.