Class Curriculum Maps

At Overton St Helen’s, our pupils are organised into six classes.  The first three classes are single year groups; Maple Class is where you will find our Reception pupils, Holly Class is where you would find our Year One pupils and Elm Class, our Year Twos.

Our older pupils are organised into mixed age classes.  Willow, Beech and Oak are our three key stage two classes made up of Year Three and Four pupils, Year Four and Five pupils and Year Five and Six pupils.  Because of these mixed age classes, we meticulously plot the journey each child may take through our Key Stage Two, ensuring the National Curriculum is covered in a broad and exciting way.

 Our carefully planned curriculum comes alive in each classroom where teachers plan ambitious lessons that engage and motivate our pupils.  Below are our curriculum maps for each class.  We operate a two-year rolling programme of topics in our older mixed age classes, so the curriculum maps below demonstrate the learning taking place in this current year.


Holly Class Curriculum Map  (Year 1)

Elm Class Curriculum Map (Year 2) 

Willow Class Curriculum Map (Year 3/4) – Cycle A 

Beech Class Curriculum Map (Year 4/5) – Cycle A

Oak Class Curriculum Map (Year 5/6)  – Cycle A

How to find out more:

If you wish to find out more about what your children will be learning, please find out more by reading the National Curriculum here.

If you still have further questions then please contact Mrs Barry in the School Office and she will direct you to Mrs Ingham our Curriculum Coordinator or the relevant member of staff for specific subject questions.