Our School Prayer

Oh Lord

   Bless our school

   That working together and

   Playing together,

   We may learn to serve you

   And to serve one another.


My Sister
Heaven is your home
You watch as we play
You watch as we laugh and have fun
You watch as we celebrate birthdays
You watch as we put flowers on your grave
You watch as we live and smile
You watch as we try to be brave
You watch as we care and love
You watch as we learn and grow
You watch and send peace from above
By Oilver K


My Prayer
Dear Lord, Please help us to listen to others as they listen
to us.
Let us trust another and to accept other peoples
behaviours and opinions.
Forever in your name
By Molly G


Dear God thank you for creating the world – it is amazing!
Thank you for creating us and making us creative
We are very thankful to you
By Grace M


Dear God thank you for making the world and creating beautiful animals, the green grass, the light blue sky and the colourful fruits.
You made it all.
By Evie C


Dear Lord

Thank you for the Earth you created and all the living things.

Thank you for the sea and the sky and all the things you made for us.


By Miah C


Father thank you for wisdom,

Thank you for sharing your

Wisdom with all the

People in this world,

Help the people who don’t

Have the quality of being

Wise like you to learn


By Fearne W


Please Lord,

Let us put our feet in your shoes.

Let us listen and be wise.

Help us to respect our neighbours and practise humility – let us never forget humility.

In Jesus Christ,


By Maddie H